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– This exquisite teapot set is crafted from premium transparent borosilicate glass, renowned for its exceptional heat resistance and durability. These qualities make it the perfect choice for indulging in the art of brewing and enjoying the delicate beauty of blooming tea.
– This teapot not only serves as a functional container but also doubles as a beautiful and generous decorative ornament in one’s home. It is a semi-automatic glass teapot with a high-quality handle that provides a firm grip, making it easy to hold and pour.
– This glass teapot features a removable infuser that facilitates a convenient and swift water extraction process. It is perfectly suited for enjoying a wide range of teas, including scented tea, loose-leaf tea, tea bags, and fruit-infused teas. Whether you’re planning an afternoon tea, a family dinner, a picnic, or any other occasion, this versatile teapot is a must-have for tea and coffee enthusiasts looking to elevate their brewing experience.
– Cleaning this teapot is a breeze, thanks to its clever three-body split combination design. The stainless steel filter ensures efficient tea residue filtration without absorbing any tea flavors. For your first use, we recommend a gentle cleaning approach: wash the inside of the cup with a weakly alkaline solution, such as 10% edible vinegar or citric acid, followed by a thorough rinse with hot water, ensuring your teapot is ready for another delightful brewing.
– Product Dimensions: 15.2 x 15.2 x 25.4 cm; 1.2 kg


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